Webcast: 20 Ways to Listen to Your Customers
Packed into a 30-minute webcast!

October 30, 2018 • 1pm Eastern

How do you listen to your customers? Surveys? Focus groups? Social media? Input from front-line employees? There are so many new and evolving methods! In this rapid-fire exchange we’ll highlight 20 different ways to collect insights from your customers – some old school and some brand new. More importantly, we’ll provide food for thought on how you can use the right mix to develop a comprehensive listening system for your organization.

We’ll highlight:

  • 20 different ways to listen to your customers
  • The pros and cons of various methods
  • Thoughts on developing the right customer listening strategy for your company

Who's on this webcast?

Steve Walker
Chairman and CEO
Walker Information

Troy Powell, Ph.D.
Vice President
Walker Information

Pat Gibbons
Principal, SVP
Walker Information

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