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Delivering More With Help From CustomersCase Study:
Delivering More With Help From Customers

By listening to their frustrated customers, a multi-billion dollar bottling company fixed their problem of delayed deliveries and empty shelves, and increased their delivery rate by more than 30 percent.

Turning customer feedback into action is the number one challenge for customer strategists. It requires moving beyond simply gathering and disseminating information to guiding business strategy and key initiatives. And, that is just what this multi-billion dollar bottle company did. When customer complaints about delayed deliveries turned into actual lost sales, they decided to take action and delve deeper into understanding the issues and how to improve.


Customers were frustrated by delayed deliveries, empty shelves, and lost sales. Working harder wasn’t the answer. It required a significant understanding of the issues and process changes.


Walker helped surface this issue based on insights from customers. Analysis quickly led to Walker’s recommendations for changes within the supply chain process that would result in timely deliveries and stocked shelves, particularly on the weekends. The company responded with important technology advances and staffing adjustments which forged better relationships with customers.


They streamlined processes to ensure Saturday deliveries to 97 percent of accounts, up from just 60% a year before. Relationships with retail giant Wal-Mart improved so much that they gave them priority status at loading docks, enabling quicker deliveries and an opportunity for more stops.

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