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Progress Toward 2020

In 2013, Walker released an eye-opening preview of B-to-B customer experience in the year 2020. Arming forward-thinking companies with thought-provoking insight to plan for the future, Customers 2020 focused on how B-to-B firms should begin positioning themselves to meet changing customer expectations.

Four years later, “the future of 2020” is almost here. How are companies stacking up in their preparations? Walker has gathered fresh feedback from CX leaders and perspectives from a select CX advisory group to update insights and offer proactive recommendations designed to transform the customer experience. The report based on this research, Progress Toward 2020, answers these key questions: 

  • What customer expectations and trends are still relevant as 2020 approaches?
  • Where are companies falling short, and what should they do to prepare for customers in 2020 and beyond?
  • What are the implications for CX professionals?

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Progress Toward 2020

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